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Cruel Lesbian Hazing and Initiation

In this girl sorority at a college in USA the girls decide that they are going to wake up and humiliate their shy pledges. They wake them up by putting their ass in their face, covering them with flour (getting nice and messy) and then making them strip naked. These pledges are being subjected to some cruel and humiliating initiations. These are real college chicks that are all 18 and 19 years old. They are even made to have a shower with each other, just for the sisters own amusement. And ours, cos they sold the video to Haze Her.

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Few things are sexier than a girl who is willing to do anything to get what she wants, and the stars of prove it beyond a doubt. Teen girls suffer through the sickest and sexiest initiation rituals at the hands of their sisters to prove they have what it takes to go Greek. They have the hottest sorority sisters making their pledges go through lots of (very often naked) tasks. Its so hot

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Fresh Meat

So we got this video in... from somewhere.. I don't know where.. but who cares, it's got some HOT girls on it! These girls snuck into a dorm room at night while their rushes were sleeping and scared the shit out of them and then made them strip down to nothing and do jumping jacks and push ups. They stuck vibrators in their pussies and took them all to the showers to clean off. They made the rushes lick their pussies until they came! Damn the shower scene was pretty hot, the girls actually started to enjoy it and get off!

Nasty Hazing from Lesbian site Haze Her

These college girls are being forced to submit to whatever their sorority sisters want them to do!

Jello Wresting in Lesbian Hazing

Do you know what is great? When hot lesbian chicks get some jello and have some wresting action going on. These girls are being made to wrestle so that they can get into their sorority of their choice. These chicks are some of the hottest lesbian (or made to be lesbian) girls that I've ever seen at a college hazing site.

Lesbian Hazing Licking Pussy

Girls love to have their pussy licked... but unless the girl is a lesbian she probably doesn't like to be the one doing the licking. But these girls really want to get into this soririty and will do anything, including licking a train of naked pledges pussys. These girls are being made to get completely naked for the Haze Her site in one of the hottest submitted videos ever.

Naked delivery

This week's video comes from the sisters at *** they rounded up their three rushes and had them strip down to deliver gift baskets to some guys from the brothering frat. The rushes had to knock door to door until they fount the respected guy they were assigned to, ind you the girls were naked and the halls were busy. after delivering a couple of baskets the alpha sisters decided to put together a little show for everyone in that dorm. they made sure everyone came out to watch their rushes do cartwheels and frog leaps. It was very amusing watching these poor rushes doing all these athletic things in a crowded hallway naked. But the real treat was their final task. The rushes had to have a three way, they had to make each other cum in order to be accepted by their sisters.

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Sorority Submission with D**

We had no idea sororities were so demanding, this weeks submission video winner takes the cake in originality and pure awesomeness! the girls at this sorority have no shame in making their pledges do the most random sexual acts for our seer entertainment. and for that we say Thank you, These poor pledges had to do naked cartwheel, naked bike riding and naked diking out! there is nothing hotter than watching six hot coeds going down on each other and scissoring all in the name of their pledge ship. We guarantee you'll get your jollys off with this one enjoy!

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