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Cruel Lesbian Hazing and Initiation

In this girl sorority at a college in USA the girls decide that they are going to wake up and humiliate their shy pledges. They wake them up by putting their ass in their face, covering them with flour (getting nice and messy) and then making them strip naked. These pledges are being subjected to some cruel and humiliating initiations. These are real college chicks that are all 18 and 19 years old. They are even made to have a shower with each other, just for the sisters own amusement. And ours, cos they sold the video to Haze Her.

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Few things are sexier than a girl who is willing to do anything to get what she wants, and the stars of prove it beyond a doubt. Teen girls suffer through the sickest and sexiest initiation rituals at the hands of their sisters to prove they have what it takes to go Greek. They have the hottest sorority sisters making their pledges go through lots of (very often naked) tasks. Its so hot

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The next step to sisterhood

There are many steps to being accepted into a sorority, today's submission features the final step for the rushes at ***. In this video you ll see what these girls had to endure in order to be one with the sorority. Stripped down and embarrassed in front of their peers, these girls had to take their measurements and pass final inspection because only the best get accepted, the rest have to go the extra mile. That means one of the sisters strapped up and fucked these rushes like common whores. there is nothing more sexy than a woman taking control of another. this is what winners are made up. so good job girls keep em cummin!

No dirty sluts allowed

This weeks Haze submission comes from Florida where the weather seemed to be down right dirty like the rushes in this video, The sisters at *** decided to punish four rushes that were acting up at last weekends spring bash party. Apparently the rushes were flirting with the boyfriends of a couple of sisters and that is frowned upon big time here. so the rushes had to strip down and get hosed down. after they received the hose they had to lick each others pussies and prove to the sisterhood that they are worthy of acceptance

Naked Punishment from Haze Her

These girls at a college sorority house are being foced to strip naked then punished by cleaning the floor nude. They are being watched by their elder sisters at the sorority. I wonder if these pledges are up to the standard and will get in?

A** Pledges Get it Up the Ass

So we got this vid in recently. These girls are pretty crazy.. they were hazing a group of girls to get into their sorority, and they took them up on the rooftop of this building where they made them do all kinds of crazy shit! They stripped these young girls down, made them place soccer for a bit and then played human croquet with them.. one of the girls pissed them off so they shoved the mallet up her ass! They then had the girls wrestle in a kiddie pool for some good cat fighting fun, then as punishment they made the girls eat another's pussy! They actually liked it quite a bit, these whores were actually getting off.

Snitches are bitches

This weeks submission shows what happens when you snitch on your fellow pledges. The sisters at *** sorority have a zero tolerance policy for snitches. They appreciate the fact that the rush in this case told on her soon to be sisters for missing curfew but saw it was only fair to punish all three of them. So what happens to snitches at *** they get stripped down and put in a dog cage to think about what they did wrong. as for the other two trouble makers they had to also strip down and oil each other down for a naked wrestling conest between all three rushes. After the wrestling bit they had to lay in a row and the head sister stripped down and had each one of the rushes each her out. as she sat on their faces they were constantly humiliated. this one was pretty hott.

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