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July 14th, 2009 Interview with Ariel Rebel

One of the hottest things to come from Quebec, Canada in recent times is the hot & sexy Ariel Rebel. We recently did an interview with her on everything from her up coming sites to fake hymens…

Ariel Rebel

Hey Ariel. You have been the star of your site, ArielRebel.com, for years now. Why did you originally decide to get into the adult biz & how did the site originally come about to be?
I have to admit that I really came to this industry without really knowing anything about what I was doing, where it was going etc.. etc… I always like sex and porn and one day I have met a amateur photographer with who I discovered nude modeling… It was really just for fun at the beginning and at one point I just started to really like to see myself in those glamor nude shots…

I had the chance to meet a girl who was already doing many things in the adult industry… she introduced me to her photographer at the time and the rest it’s pretty much history… I got really lucky to be found by Rico from Panchodog because they are the coolest and nicest people in the business I know.

And if you want the full story because it’s a long one I would suggest you go check out this page.

What did you want to be when older, as a kid? Anything related to modelling?

As far as I can remember I always wanted to be in the spotlight, I wanted to become an actress, I did lots of theatre in my life and it really became a drug for me. But one thing for sure I would have NEVER see myself doing what I do now… lol!

Ariel Rebel's Hot Ass

Are there ever days when you wish you just had a “normal” 9-5 office day job?
We all have our days… Yeah for sure sometimes I’m wondering where I would be today if everything of this had never happened… But I hate having regrets and this job got me the chance to experiment many fantasies I had, travel and meet tons of amazing people… So when I look back I’m happy on my life path and I know the future will be even more exciting!

What is your favourite aspect of having your own site?
LOL! You would have asked me that 2 years ago and I would have say : nothing. Because with my last photographer (he doesn’t work with me anymore) I wasn’t able to say ANYTHING on all the shooting and I had to follow what he had decided all the time, I wasn’t able to speak to anybody at Panchodog etc.. etc.. I got a problem with authority so that was pissing me off all the time!

Now that I control 100% on my image, promotion etc.. etc… I say that working for yourself on your own site is a LOT of work…lol! But it’s a fun work so I have nothing to complain about… I love what I do and I hope the people who watch me like what I do too.

Do you get people recognising and stopping you in the street?
It only happen once that a guy stopped me on the street with his mouth wide open! Lol It was the funniest moment ever! Lol Her was looking at me without saying anything like a fish out of water! Lol!

Most people will be shy I guess to come talk to me… They will look at me in the street, sometimes I know they have recognized me by the kind of eye contact and the beautiful smile they send me…

I like meeting my fans so even if it’s a bit awkward sometimes it’s always fun

Ariel Rebel

You keep your blog – arielrebelunplugged.com – very much to up to date, and unlike most sologirls’ blogs, actually have decent content (not 5 paragraphs condensed into one – often with very little grammar). Makes a nice change! What motivates you to keep it updated every few days or so?
Oh thanks :) I’m glad you enjoy my public blog. I’m a blogging addict! Lol I love to speak to my fans, show them my personality, my pics and videos.. I was already blogging on my website for my members and I thought it was boring for all the other fans out there who doesn’t have a membership of my site, but who want to know me.

And on top of that we all know how people are too dumbass to be them self so I had tons of fake profiles/blog etc… They were putting words in my mouth and that’s one thing that I CANT take… I can never let anybody speak for me it’s really something I find important…

I wanted to show the word who’s the REAL Ariel Rebel and I think the free blog is the best way. For the video addict stay tune for ArielsTube.com in the next couple of months… :)

Aside from your blog, and your main site, you also have a few other projects, like your Ariel Rebel hentai comic. Tell us about them

I got SO MANY projects that I can and cant talk about… The Adventures of Ariel Rebel (my hentai comic) is one of my favorite project ever! I’m a HUGE fan of hentai movies and I always compare my life to those manga characters… Having my own hardcore comic book always been one of my dream and I’m glad I realized it…

As for all the other projects I’m planning well there is a bunch… What I can tell you about is to stay tuned for :

I’m so sorry but that’s the ONLY things I can talk for now because all of the other projects are in construction but stay tuned for more TV shows, magazines, an official store, skateboard and long board collection, lingerie and bondage accessories collection and some other things that if you follow my Unplugged Blog you will know :)

You’re quite well known for enjoying weed. If you were stuck on a desert island with an endless supply of either alcohol, weed or any other drug, what would you choose & why?
Mmmm… good question LOL! Well I think I would try to deal having half alcohol and half weed because I think I would get way too lazy smoking weed all the time! Lol!

I understand that smoking is a bad thing but when you pass LONG hours in front of a computer screen designing or editing pictures because for the moment I edit all my pictures and videos… Weed is my best friend lol!

Ariel Rebel in hot mini skirt

You recently made a post on your blog about an artificial hymen, and asked female readers would they buy one. Would you buy or use one yourself? What about if a guy wanted you to?
Ahahahah that was the weirdest things I heard… lol I would NOT buy that for myself because I don’t really get this “I want to be the first one thing” that men like… what the fuck do you care if the girl had sex before you?? Lol! The first time is always boring so I prefer having somebody who have a certain experience…

Do you think it’s because guys are scare to be judge if the girl had experience? lol

And if a guy would buy that for one day I think I would just laugh… LOL! I was thinking on buying one as a joke to one of my friend! Lol!

There are some great lesbian sets on your site. If you could do one with any girl (pornstar or celeb) who would it be & why?
Sasha Grey without any hesitation… If she doesn’t want me I would love to tie up Kari Sweet and make her having a pretty intense time… :) Mmmm I got LOTS AND LOTS of ideas.. lol But I doubt she would let me… hehehe…

Do girls turn you on in real life, or is it just for the cameras?
I’m proudly Bisexual! I like to have the best of both worlds and I understand guys who cant make their mind on girls because wow they are all diferents and mostly all attractive it’s so complicated to choose the one you like…

But with girl it’s mostly just for sex because it’s just too fun… But nobody is fucking me better than a man… I absolutely need one in my life! It’s vital.

Reckon you will ever do a guy-girl set?
It’s not in my projects… I like my softcore… :) I think it’s better when you don’t show too much and you tease because it give place to imagination and when you tease a men good he is going insane and can never forget you… Mmmm… I like that!

Ariel Rebel Hottt

Whats your favorite sex toy?
I have a lot but I never leave the house without my bullet to make my clit happy :) we never know where I will end up an it’s always a useful to have this kind of accessory on me.

Ever used (or even own?) a Sybian?
I never used that. It’s one of my fantasies. I have to find somebody who have one to jump on it… who’s going to buy me one?? LOL!

And finally, tell us what we can expect to see on ArielRebel.com in the near future? Got any exciting photoshoots or videos planned?
3 new free tour designs, 1 new member area design, a COMPLETE change of all promotional pictures that have been in promotion since the beginning, new templates (pics & vids), new promotional tools for affiliates, more girl/girl because I miss shooting girl/girl content, translation of my members are to French because my first language is French (if you didn’t know it yet) and I think it’s a real shame that my site is only in English and Spanish… I would also like to translate to different languages but will see in the future!

Thanks Ariel!
Thanks to you for this opportunity :) It’s was a real pleasure!

Want more of Ariel? Check out her official site at ArielRebel.com. Or want to see pics of her? check out our Ariel Rebel page with info, pics and vids.

You can also check out her blog – Ariel Rebel Unplugged. She also has Twitter (@arielrebel), a DailyMotion.com account, a Myspace account, and even a XPeeps account. So go check her out!

June 28th, 2009 Interview with Ashleys Candy

Ashleys Candy is a gorgeous webcam babe with her own site. Her site is a bit of a mix between a normal sologirl site and a camgirl. She does camshows for her members, and has a 24/7 spy cam installed in her office (where she spends most of her day). Her site is a great site (it scored 89% on our review) and a personal favourite of mine.

We asked Ashley some questions about herself and her site for this interview – Enjoy!

Ashleys Candy

Ashleys Candy

Hey Ashley. You’re the girl behind AshleysCandy.com. Tell us about your site
Well my site was all my idea… I wanted to be the only solo girl cam based site out there and no one had faith in it except Spunky from spunkycash.com. Thanks to him he gave me the success I dreamed my site would bring. People doubt the fact that cam images and vids wont sell and this and that but in reality guys loves it!! I guess I make the site what it is though….I’m a great tease! Ive just added the 24/7 spycam which has been a huge success.

How did you first get into the adult biz? What were you doing before you started AshleysCandy.com ?
I was working at a tanning salon where Kate from katesplayground.com used to tan (we lived in the same community and I would see her at her work all the time) and I was always so curious about her and her site… I knew she had become a great success from being a topless model and I thought maybe… just maybe I could step into that world.

I’ve always been shy and reserved in person but on the net I like to think I’m in my own fantasy world where I can be AshleysCandy :) and tease the boys with my bouncy booty. I met spunky and things went from there… he gave me that chance to show the world that I was capable of being the one and only real camgirl :)

Who came up with the name? I take it your surname isn’t *really* Candy..!
Well I was a member of a site called spicepad.com and the owner who of that site and I decided that we would see if we could create a site like Kate’s together (this was before Spunky was in my world) and so I had to pick out a name which I left up to the members of that site… I think there were a few options and in the end I was left with 2 names……not too sure what the other one was but I chose AshleysCandy because it definitely suites me… I LOVE candy!!!!!!!! Yes I have a big sweet tooth!

What does your typical day go like?
Well I’m not the most interesting girl in town… I stay home a lot and watch TV while I sit in my office at the computer and let my members watch me on my 24/7 spy cam. I usually got for a 2 hour walk with my dog, Taylor… yes I love to get out of the house just me and my puppy and walk along the river.

Kates Playground and Ashleys Candy

Kates Playground and Ashleys Candy

You have done a few girl-girl scenes. How do you find them, compared just being by yourself in solo scenes?
I love getting together with my gfs such as Krissy, Carmen, Paris, and a few others. I do like being alone though because I can do and say things that might scare away the girls hehe.

A big change in your site recently was your 24 hr spy cam. How does it feel to know you are always being watched?
I must say its a great addition to my site and I love it! Everyone asks me if I think its too invasive and if I ever get scared etc etc but to be honest knowing that people are watching me makes me feel less lonely sitting around at home and that’s why I spend so much time in my office these days. I have a big house and a tv in every room but I prefer to sit with my members, its like having guests over :)

Your site has been running for a couple of years now, and you update it with new content every couple of days. So many times a girl will start her own site but then just lose interest & stop updating after less than a year. What keeps you still interested and updating so regularly?
I love what I do and i’ll do it for as long as I can…until the wrinkles start to appear and my ass starts to sag. I don’t have much else to do around here so having a camshow twice a week is actually something I look forward to doing. I haven’t gotten sick of being AshleysCandy yet but ill let you know when I do hehe

Ashleys Candy and her dog

Ashleys Candy and her dog

Tell us about your pets – and what one is your favourite??
I love my babies… yes they are my babies. I’ve had my cat since I was 11 years old and she means the world to me, if it wasn’t for her I don’t know if I would have made it through all the tough times in my life and for that I thank her and I make sure I give her the world… she has mouth cancer which has ultimately costed me up the ass every month for her injections and tests but I will do anything to make her life that much better and if that means breaking the bank then so be it! I got my dog right when I started my site way back when I was a real amateur… you can tell by looking at the old pix and vids, I wish Spunky would let me delete that crap!

Anyways, I remember Taylor was a puppy and had to be near me all the damn time and to take one picture with my cam took a lifetime and I think if you look at the pix and vids you can catch a glimpse of her getting her few moments to fame. She was the worst puppy ever! Always wanted to play and bite night and day and I would wait and wait for her to pass out so I could actually have Ashley time.

But these days shes the best dog in the whole world and I wouldn’t give her up for anything! As you might be able to tell by watching my spycam… shes my baby and I treat her like one, we spend everyday together, she wont let me leave her at home and when I do its like I left for a year when I get home…..shes excited to see me for the next hour! She sleeps under the blankets with me every night… to tell you the truth when shes not with me at night I cant sleep. Her best friend is Spunkys cat Leo….they love each other!

As for her and my cat Katie… its been a war because Katie thinks she should be number 1 since she was around a lot longer then Tay and Taylor thinks she should be number 1 just because shes little and spoiled hehehe. So they fight at night over who sleeps where and they fight during the day over who sits on my lap… Taylor usually wins but she hears about it from Katie thats for sure. In the recent days they have been getting along and actually today was the first day they have ever sat on my lap together and not had a fight! Who woulda known it would take 3 years for that special moment!

Ashleys Candy in her Tooth Fairy costume

Ashleys Candy in her Tooth Fairy costume

You are set to be part of a new film staring The Rock/Dwayne Johnson. Tell us about that
I ve worked on a lot of films including Good Luck Chuck and Hot Rod and The L Word and many many many others but the Tooth Fairy was one that I worked on for days and I must say it was great getting to be a fairy… the outfit was amazing! And as for The Rock…he’s one sexy beast as well as a very sweet guy…yes I spoke with him and hes a great person!

Ok, on to some more dirty ones now… see what you’re really like! 😉
Ever been in a 3sum?
Never had a 3 some…I don’t like to share

Ever had sex in a public place?
Yes… on a little Island at the beach… I was watching people swim by, very intense! Also did it in an underground on the car… like on the hood of the car bent over. Many other places but I’m not too quick to remember

Ever had lesbian sex?
First sex I ever had was with a girl and I must say it was the best ever! I think about it all the time

What is your ultimate sexual fantasy?
Don’t really have one on the tip of my tongue to share with you but ill think about that one

Whats the wildest place you’ve ever had sex?
In the middle of Stanley Park in a drop top while cars drove by


What turns you on the most ?
I love getting a massage that leads to some good finger fucking

And lastly, whats your favourite sex toy?
Well my fav isn’t something I’ve tried before but something I would love to experience…A Real Sex Doll…you know the ones that are so life like its creepy…id love to ride one of those sexy guys cock! I could do whatever I like to him and hes have to like it! hehe

Thanks Ashleys Candy!

Ashleys Candy official site can be found at AshleysCandy.com. Read our review of Ashleys Candy and find out why it got 89%.

To see galleries of her, check out our Ashleys Candy galleries section.

Also be sure to add Ashleys Candy to facebook, add @TheAshleysCandy to Twitter and check out her Youtube channel.

June 23rd, 2009 Sexy Twins – collection of hottest twin babes

Having two girls at the same time is a fantasy in many men, and of course the fantasy of having twins at the same time is in many too. And of course there are plenty of twin porn sites out there to fulfill this fantasy. These sites don’t feature the twins actually having lesbian sex with each other (due to legal reasons) – but  they do include either sexy posing, or including a third girl or guy and sharing the third person. Here is our roundup of twins –

sister reunionSister Reunion

Edit – just found this, adding to the top, as its clearly the best so far! SisterReunion.com

This site features multiple twin sisters, so rather than just one, you get lots more. Not only are they hardcore, the girls (esp Ashli & Britney, and the Moore Sisters) are really hot!  They all do hardcore content too. Here is the list of sisters:


The Stevens Sisters @ Sister Reunion

The Stevens Sisters @ Sister Reunion

Ashli & Britney @ Sister Reunion

Ashli & Britney @ Sister Reunion

the Foxxx family at Sister Reunion

the Foxxx family at Sister Reunion

The Ginger Sisters

The Ginger Sisters

Moore Sisters at Sister Reunion

Moore Sisters at Sister Reunion

Richards Sisters at SisterReunion.com

Richards Sisters at SisterReunion.com

the Strong Sisters @ Sister Reunion

the Strong Sisters @ Sister Reunion

The Love Twin Sisters at Sister Reunion

The Love Twin Sisters at Sister Reunion

So that is the sisters you get access to at Sister Reunion. You also get free access to TeenGFs.com which is one of those amateur “my ex gf” type sites (all self shot, or shot by bf – very true amateur content).

Taylor Twins

The Taylor Twins

TheTaylorTwins.com These are another pair of hot babes who happen to be twins. Not identical, but almost similar. Their videos are quite hot. Not hardcore though :(

The Taylor Twins are Miss and Mandee Taylor. They claim on their site that they in fact are identical twins, but I don’t quite see them as being identical. Very similar though. Both aged 19, with nice 34 B boobs. They do some interesting videos, check them out



Femjoy Twins

Femjoy Twins Ok, it isn’t a site dedicated just to these twins – Femjoy is home to hundreds of hot babes. And one (or two…) of those are Corinna and Kinga – two hot twins. Check them out. Aside from these twins, you get hundreds of realy high quality nude babes over at Femjoy. Most are just solo though.


Texas Twins

Texas Twins

Texas Twins

TexasTwins.com These are two identical 18 year old blonde twins. They are fully nude, and almost always have one or two other girls in the scenes and have lots of fun with them. They do a lot of varied content, and their homepage claims that they are two real twins from Texas, and their family know nothing about what they do. A lot of their content is set in a farm setting, with hay/straw in the background of many sets. The videos are in high DVD quality too.


the Simpson Twins

the Simpson Twins

The Simpson Twins

SimpsonTwins.com These twins are *very* dirty and love to share a guy. If you like hardcore content, you will love The Simpson Twins


the Milton Twins

the Milton Twins

The Milton Twins

TheMiltonTwins.com These two do hardcore (with guys and girls). Click the image on the left to go to a hot gallery of the Milton Twins


All Twins Pass

If you want to see the members area of any of the previous three (milton twins, simpson twins, texas twins), check out AllTwinsPass.com.



The Spice Twins

The Spice Twins

The Spice Twins


What’s better than one hot Latina? Twin Latinas! The Spice Twins are two hot latina twins. Not identical twins, but close… They update their site every week with new content shot exclusively in house. Also as a bonus all members will get free access to LaZonaModelos.com with more than 40 exclusive Latina hotties.


What twins have I missed? Leave a comment if you can think of any!

June 21st, 2009 Interview with Trisha Uptown

Trisha Uptown is a gorgeous blonde sologirl with her own site – TrishaUptown.com. She does regular video and photo updates, and 2 or more free webcam chats with her members! We recently did an interview with her, so check out her answers

Trisha Uptown

Trisha Uptown

Hi Trisha. Do you work in the adult biz / run your site full time, or do you do other (non adult entertainment related) work as well?

I am full time in adult. I run my site, feature dance, and still do some paid photo assignments from time to time. I can’t imagine having a non adult entertainment related job….how boring….lol!

You originally entered the adult entertainment industry in 1998. What was your first job in this industry?

I actually started in 1997 (edit: Oops! Bad research on our part!) and have been full time since. My first job in the industry was at a small strip club in Ohio. I tried to audition a couple of days before my 18th bday but of course the wouldnt let me. The day of my bday I walked and and stepped on stage. A few weeks later I did my first photo shoot.

As a kid, what did you want to be?

As a kid I wanted to be a doctor or an accountant.

Trisha Uptown

I would love to do more mainstream movies!! Being a part of that was amazing and a lot of fun.

At the moment all your videos & photos are either solo, or lesbian. Do you think you will go boy-girl?

Never say never but at this time, no…..it is something that I think about a lot.

What is the kinkiest thing you’ve ever done? And what is the kinkiest thing you would like to do (but not yet done it)?

One of the kinkiest things I have ever done was a BDSM shoot for my site with Alyssah Simone. I was riding her strap on while she electrocuted me. It was pretty hot!!!! One thing that I have not experienced yet is two men at once. I find it very intriguing!!!

You have your own line of sex toys – Trisha’s Titanium Line. I assume you have a fair few toys. How many do you think you own? And what one is your favorite?

I have three drawers full of sex toys. I couldn’t tell you how many but I can say that the bullets are my favorite. I keep on in my purse just in case 😉

trisha uptown picWhat is the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you while shooting porn?

One of my most embarrassing moments actually happened while I was performing at a club. I stepped on stage at a fully nude bar and forgot to cut my string…if you know what I mean.

And lastly, if you could shoot a scene with anyone (pornstar or celeb) – who would it be?

I would love to perform a scene with Jessica Drake. I think she is just hot as hell and carries herself very well.

Thanks Trisha!

To see more o Trisha visit her site TrishaUptown.com or go to our Trisha Uptown profile page for info, pics and more! Thinking of joining her site? Read our review and find out why we rated it 89%!

June 3rd, 2009 Bella Valentine Interview

Today we have an interview with the beautiful Bella Valentine, who recently launched her site BellaValentine.com.

Bella Valentine

Bella Valentine

Hi Bella. You are the star of BellaValentine.com. Tell us about your site and what visitors can find on there

As of right now they can find thousands of very hot pictures of me modeling tiny bikinis, sexy lingerie, and nothing at all (I have up to Penthouse style nudes). Members also get access to my personal email and I answer to ALL messages myself. This is probably my favorite new feature as I really like to get to know my fans individually. Within the next year I will be adding more features: a video section should be up within the next few months (I have already tons of sexy videos ready to upload) and after that I plan on adding video chat, access to my personal journal, and an online store.

Why did you first decide to start BellaValentine.com?

Before starting my site I was working as a dance teacher. They were working me like a slave and I was making barely enough to pay my bills. I got really fed up with my job and decided to start my own business doing something that I love. I’ve always enjoyed modeling and have done it part time since 1999. I knew that I would not have been able to make a living as a mainstream model, and I’ve always felt most comfortable when naked. Starting my own nude modeling site was the most logical step to take.

What is your favourite part of having your own site?

I have lots of them: I love being able to creatively direct my photoshoots, getting free clothes from the wonderful lingerie and bikini companies that sponsor me, having a way to stay in touch and get to know my fans, setting my own schedule (that’s probably my most favorite), and being forced to work from the internet (I have a bit of an internet addiction but it’s ok because now I’m on it only for work).

On your site members can do special requests. Got any really weird or odd requests that have been asked of you (and did you do them!)?

Not yet. Most of the requests that I get are to shoot in a particular outfit but I’m really open to anything so if you are reading this and are a member on my site, please don’t be afraid to ask!

Bella Valentine

Bella Valentine

You have a very impressive resume from TV commercials, theater work, appearing in calenders and much more. What is your favourite type of work?

I love doing print work. I have lots of fun being in front of the camera and I truly feel like that’s what I was meant to be doing. Every time that I’m done with a photoshoot I’m in a great mood, I feel really good about myself, and I have lots of energy.

At the moment you only do softcore content. Do you see yourself doing any hardcore scenes in the future?

No hardcore for me. Don’t get me wrong, I have a very vast private collection of movies, however I prefer to keep some things behind closed doors.

What do you look for in a guy? What would a guy have to do to impress you in a bar?

Physically: taller then me wearing heels (I’m 5’10”) without them and I usually wear 4″.
He must be cultured, well mannered, capable of carrying an interesting conversation, and know (or be willing to learn) how to salsa dance.

You were born in Italy, and raised between Italy and Poland. And now you live in the US. What is your favourite country to be living in? Do you miss Italy or Poland?

I don’t miss home at all. I traveled so much between both of them that I don’t really feel like I belong to either one. The most that I can narrow it down is as labeling myself as “from Europe”. I also have always had the travel bug (I started traveling to other countries without my family at 12).

My favorite country to live in is the USA. It’s much easier to live here then in Europe. Especially for freelance models, there is more work here, it pays better, and if I was still in Europe I would have had no clue on how to get my own site started.

Thanks Bella!

To see more of Bella Valentine (including galleries etc.), check out our Bella Valentine page or visit her site.

June 1st, 2009 Interview with Danielle FTV

Danielle FTV

Danielle FTV

Danielle FTV launched her site at the end of last year, and it has already become a huge success. If you don’t know Danielle, chances are you know FTV Girls – the guys behind DanielleFTV.com. So you know its full of great content :)

Here is an interview with Danielle FTV:

Hi Danielle. You were originally from FTV, and now have your own site on danielleftv.com. Tell us about your site and whats the best thing about having your own separate site now?
Well…personally I think my site is one of a kind compared to the other single girl sites out there. I get very personal with my members and actually care about their lives, opinions, etc. I do personal things like the birthday video logs (though it’s hard to come up with “original” birthday vlogs for everyone’s birthday). Also I have a “question thread” where members can ask me questions and I will answer them on video logs. Unlike any other site out there I also offer free sections (the contributed photograher section, video logs, and forum.) The contributing photographer section is cool because photographers can contribute the photoshoots they’ve done of me. They get full credit, down to the watermarks of their name on ALL the pictures. Plus my members love it, because they get to see a bunch of different styles…instead of just the “FTV style.” I will offer webcam shows to my members. The cool thing about that is that I am the only FTV contract girl, ever, to offer webcam. Also, the forum for both FTVGirls.com and Lia 19 is on my site (so that draws in FTV members and Lia 19 members.) I think that if anyone actually took a look at my site and my forum that they will see a huge difference between everything else that is offered out there. I’m not doing this for the money (more for the fame 😉 ). I actually enjoy what I do! I guess the best thing about having my own site is that I don’t get bitched at anymore for “taking over FTV” or “being on FTV too much.” I’ve even gotten a complaint that I was “taking advantage of the girls” and “using them for my own gratification”….well duh!

In one of the videos you drive a lambo. How was that? Fun :P?
It was a ton of fun driving the Lamborghini, though it was kind of nerve wracking (since you are driving a vehicle that is worth more than I make in four years!) And the steering is kind of jerky, but from what I understand, that is a typical trait of a sports car.

What is the kinkiest thing you’ve ever done?
Having sex on a bench that was in the courtyard of this office building (very, very public…I’m surprised I didn’t get caught). We also ended up on top of his car hood too!

What about the kinkiest thing you want to do, but not yet done…
A massive orgy, where the focus is all on me.

When did you lose your virginity?
My 15th birthday, when my mom and sister were running errands.

You have moved around and lived in quite a few places. Where is your most favourite place in the world?
Germany is by far the best. I got to go back last year for my 19th birthday (a birthday present from my ex) and it was amazing. It had been so long since I had moved away, so visiting all the places that I used to go to when I was a kid brought up a lot of memories. I was also lucky enough to go on base (Rammstein AFB) and visit the park where I used to play soccer.

Your boobs are massive. Just how big are they?
Well they aren’t as massive anymore. Since I’ve been losing quiet a bit of weight, I’ve dropped down to a 36D.

Don’t list them, because we will be here all day ( 😛 ), but tell us about your pets. Whats your fav one?
Unfortunately I don’t have any pets anymore [editor – oops! bad research there! :P] , because of the apartment I’m living in and also because I really don’t have a lot of time for pets, right now. But I’ve owned over 40 pets and my favorite one was this fat Black Bear Hamster named Buddy Love. I got him one day when a sales lady from Petsmart told me that nobody would buy him because he was too fat. He was like his momma (me) though…he used to love to grab a bunch of food and eat it in his bed.

On your bio page it says you have spent a lot of money on adult toys. Tell us about your favourite one? And had any major disasters with sex toys?
No disasters with any sex toys…yet. My favorite one for the longest time was the Decadent Indulgence, which I ended up buying three of. My favorite toy now, is the VibraKing that an FTV member sent in. I’ve spent probably over $4,000 on adult toys…though my most expensive purchase was for a toy suitcase from For Your Nymphomation. That thing cost me like, $400.

Have you *really* been on a chess team, and a huge World of Warcraft fan? You don’t look like the stereotypical chess team player or world of warcraft addict (big, fat, smelly lonely guy, greatly influenced by South Park…)
Haha…yeah, I know. I’ve been asked that quite a few times…and yes I was on the chess team and yes I do play WoW (though not as much as I would like, since I’ve been so busy.) I have a human warlock (can’t remember what level) and a blood elve rogue. But I play with the human more than the blood elve…I’ve become attached to my minion.

And lastly a few quick questions —
No arms or no legs? No legs…how would I read with no arms?
Choose a super power you would have. The power to absorb other heroes powers (I’m selfish 😉 )
Long or short nails? Medium length…but not doing the fake nails anymore, they killed my real nails.
Sing or dance? Dance….I’m kind of tone deaf (or at least I am according to my sister.)
Soccer or football? Soccer…though football cheerleaders are HOT!

Thanks Danielle!

To see more of Danielle, check out DanielleFromFTV.com, or view Danielle FTV’s page on our site

May 31st, 2009 Sexy Aaliyah Love gives us an interview!

Aaliyah Love

Aaliyah Love

We have had some problems here at allpornmodels with our blog, but finally(!) I can safely say now we have posted the Aaliyah Love interview here! Aaliyah Love started off as a webcam girl, but now has her own site AaliyahLove.com.

She is a dead gorgeous girl with a great personality. And she certainly isn’t shy in front of the camera. Here are a couple of her recent galleries (interview at bottom of this post) –

Aaliyah Love gallery 1 Aaliyah Love

The video is split into three parts, so enjoy! (Can’t see the vids? Click “Read more” to see full blog post)
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