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June 1st, 2009 Interview with Danielle FTV

Danielle FTV

Danielle FTV

Danielle FTV launched her site at the end of last year, and it has already become a huge success. If you don’t know Danielle, chances are you know FTV Girls – the guys behind DanielleFTV.com. So you know its full of great content :)

Here is an interview with Danielle FTV:

Hi Danielle. You were originally from FTV, and now have your own site on danielleftv.com. Tell us about your site and whats the best thing about having your own separate site now?
Well…personally I think my site is one of a kind compared to the other single girl sites out there. I get very personal with my members and actually care about their lives, opinions, etc. I do personal things like the birthday video logs (though it’s hard to come up with “original” birthday vlogs for everyone’s birthday). Also I have a “question thread” where members can ask me questions and I will answer them on video logs. Unlike any other site out there I also offer free sections (the contributed photograher section, video logs, and forum.) The contributing photographer section is cool because photographers can contribute the photoshoots they’ve done of me. They get full credit, down to the watermarks of their name on ALL the pictures. Plus my members love it, because they get to see a bunch of different styles…instead of just the “FTV style.” I will offer webcam shows to my members. The cool thing about that is that I am the only FTV contract girl, ever, to offer webcam. Also, the forum for both FTVGirls.com and Lia 19 is on my site (so that draws in FTV members and Lia 19 members.) I think that if anyone actually took a look at my site and my forum that they will see a huge difference between everything else that is offered out there. I’m not doing this for the money (more for the fame 😉 ). I actually enjoy what I do! I guess the best thing about having my own site is that I don’t get bitched at anymore for “taking over FTV” or “being on FTV too much.” I’ve even gotten a complaint that I was “taking advantage of the girls” and “using them for my own gratification”….well duh!

In one of the videos you drive a lambo. How was that? Fun :P?
It was a ton of fun driving the Lamborghini, though it was kind of nerve wracking (since you are driving a vehicle that is worth more than I make in four years!) And the steering is kind of jerky, but from what I understand, that is a typical trait of a sports car.

What is the kinkiest thing you’ve ever done?
Having sex on a bench that was in the courtyard of this office building (very, very public…I’m surprised I didn’t get caught). We also ended up on top of his car hood too!

What about the kinkiest thing you want to do, but not yet done…
A massive orgy, where the focus is all on me.

When did you lose your virginity?
My 15th birthday, when my mom and sister were running errands.

You have moved around and lived in quite a few places. Where is your most favourite place in the world?
Germany is by far the best. I got to go back last year for my 19th birthday (a birthday present from my ex) and it was amazing. It had been so long since I had moved away, so visiting all the places that I used to go to when I was a kid brought up a lot of memories. I was also lucky enough to go on base (Rammstein AFB) and visit the park where I used to play soccer.

Your boobs are massive. Just how big are they?
Well they aren’t as massive anymore. Since I’ve been losing quiet a bit of weight, I’ve dropped down to a 36D.

Don’t list them, because we will be here all day ( 😛 ), but tell us about your pets. Whats your fav one?
Unfortunately I don’t have any pets anymore [editor – oops! bad research there! :P] , because of the apartment I’m living in and also because I really don’t have a lot of time for pets, right now. But I’ve owned over 40 pets and my favorite one was this fat Black Bear Hamster named Buddy Love. I got him one day when a sales lady from Petsmart told me that nobody would buy him because he was too fat. He was like his momma (me) though…he used to love to grab a bunch of food and eat it in his bed.

On your bio page it says you have spent a lot of money on adult toys. Tell us about your favourite one? And had any major disasters with sex toys?
No disasters with any sex toys…yet. My favorite one for the longest time was the Decadent Indulgence, which I ended up buying three of. My favorite toy now, is the VibraKing that an FTV member sent in. I’ve spent probably over $4,000 on adult toys…though my most expensive purchase was for a toy suitcase from For Your Nymphomation. That thing cost me like, $400.

Have you *really* been on a chess team, and a huge World of Warcraft fan? You don’t look like the stereotypical chess team player or world of warcraft addict (big, fat, smelly lonely guy, greatly influenced by South Park…)
Haha…yeah, I know. I’ve been asked that quite a few times…and yes I was on the chess team and yes I do play WoW (though not as much as I would like, since I’ve been so busy.) I have a human warlock (can’t remember what level) and a blood elve rogue. But I play with the human more than the blood elve…I’ve become attached to my minion.

And lastly a few quick questions —
No arms or no legs? No legs…how would I read with no arms?
Choose a super power you would have. The power to absorb other heroes powers (I’m selfish 😉 )
Long or short nails? Medium length…but not doing the fake nails anymore, they killed my real nails.
Sing or dance? Dance….I’m kind of tone deaf (or at least I am according to my sister.)
Soccer or football? Soccer…though football cheerleaders are HOT!

Thanks Danielle!

To see more of Danielle, check out DanielleFromFTV.com, or view Danielle FTV’s page on our site

3 Responses to “Interview with Danielle FTV”

  1. Danielle fan says:

    shes so fit! what a hot chick!

  2. GarykPatton says:

    Hello. I think the article is really interesting. I am even interested in reading more. How soon will you update your blog?

  3. dave says:

    Great information, I will be linking back to you and going to look around at your other posts.

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