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February 13th, 2012 Interview with Camille Crimson from The Art of Blowjob

Today we got to interview the gorgeous Camille Crimson who is the star of the erotic blowjob site the Art of Blowjob. This is one of probably very few interviews on this site you would want your girlfriend reading ;).

Hi Camille. Tell us a little about yourself for our readers who haven’t seen your site yet.

I’m a 36 year old busty redhead from Montreal and I code, run and perform in my own sensual blowjob site with my long-term boyfriend. I’m a huge geek, I love Macs, I love to cook (especially French food), I play guitar, piano, flute, saxophone and I sing, I love to paint and I love riding motorcycles.

So you run http://www.theartofblowjob.com/. What made you decide that you wanted to start a site?

We had been working doing non-porn sites for other people, and we finally realized that it would be so much better to do things for
ourselves and we had already been taking sexy photos, so we just decided to try making an erotic photography site called Dolorem.com.

We started with that, but we kept gravitating to blowjobs and we eventually figured that we might as well focus on our favourite thing,
which gave birth to The Art of Blowjob.com.

And why did you focus on blowjobs?

I think they’re very popular, but porn only shows a very particular kind of blowjob, which is nothing like the blowjobs I enjoy. I wanted to show of the sensual, skillful side of blowjobs because I love giving them that way.

Have you always been a very sexual person?

I’ve really come into my sexual self as I got into my early 20s. But I’ve been developing my sensual sexual side for a decade and a half
now, so I’d consider myself a very sexual person for the majority of my adult life.

The Art of Blowjob is a lot more ‘erotic’ than most generic blowjob sites (which would really be classed under hardcore).

Has there been a point where you would rather do some ‘rougher’ or more hardcore scenes? (its not a criticism of your style at all – I love it!)

No, not really. It doesn’t appeal to me or my boyfriend. Some people try to suggest it, but there’s plenty of that online. We’d rather
stick to doing what we love and keep our site as an alternative to mainstream blowjob porn.

Maybe not a question directly aimed at you, but how does he manage to concentrate enough during your blowjobs to still be able to film great and take great photos?

Well, we’ve been doing it for quite some time now, so we have the videography and photography down to a science, and he’s used to my caliber of blowjobs. 😉

Ok, now for the part of the interview we’re all going to forward to our girlfriend. What are your top 3 tips for giving great head?

Passion, creativity and communication. First, don’t phone it in and give a lackluster blowjob. Find a reason to be excited about the
blowjob and focus on that. Be it giving pleasure, being skilled, feeling powerful… Just get into it and be passionate! Second, go
beyond just bobbing your head up and down. Think of all the ways you can use your mouth and other body parts on his cock, balls and any surrounding areas. Tease him, be playful and try new things. Last, pay attention for cues if he likes or doesn’t like something, and don’t be afraid to ask. What’s good for one person might not be good for another, so make sure that your blowjob has to do with the person you’re giving it to.

And what about a top 3 list for guys, to get better head?

The #1 tip is to be giving. If you aren’t giving, why should you get? And that doesn’t just mean going down on her, that means being giving of spirit and caring in life. Jerks don’t (or shouldn’t) get blowjobs. Asides from that, I suggest taking regular showers and
being careful to never ever push her head down or thrust into her mouth unless you know she likes that.

Spit or swallow?

For me, I swallow, but as long as you’re getting a blowjob, I wouldn’t be too picky.

And lastly, have you got any upcoming projects being released soon?

Our DVD with Hustler is getting the finishing touches, so it should be done soon, then after that I have many more tricks up my sleeve, so keep an eye out!

Thanks Camille! If you want to see more of her check out her site (or read our review of TheArtOfBlowjob.com)

August 11th, 2009 Interview With Raven Riley

Over on our Twitter Babes list, Raven Riley has received (at time of posting) the most votes, and we’ve received the most emails about it from Raven fans. So I thought I’d do a little interview with Raven :)

Raven Riley is one of the most well known faces on the web. Chances are you’ve seen loads of her photo galleries around the web. She of course is the star of RavenRiley.com and has had the site for years now.

Here are the answers to our questions from Raven Riley –

Why did you first decide to get into the adult industry?
Well I actually never thought I would ever be in the adult industry until a friend of mine knew a photographer that had been in the industry, so it had started as bikini shots for money and then one thing led to another and I ended up starting my site ravenriley.com

Raven Riley Stripping (click to see gallery)

Raven Riley Stripping (click to see gallery)

Ever have moments when you wished you had a 9-5 “normal” job?
Not really, I think mainly because i have worked those hours before i entered the industry and I like being able to make my own schedule.

Your site has been going for a long time, and you still update it and add new content regularly (as well as your cam shows). So many solo girl sites stop updates after a very short while. What keeps you busy updating it?
The fact I have awesome fans/members is what keeps me going. They are always so helpful with ideas for photo shoots/videos, and at the cam shows its fun because we really get to know one another, and also have fun teasing, which i enjoy doing.

For our list of pornstars on twitter – Twitter Babes – you have had a lot of fans fighting to get you (and keep you) in the number one spot. You obviously have some very dedicated fans. How does it feel to know you have this kind of following?
It feels amazing. I have my fans emailing me every day telling me they are working hard on getting me to stay number one! hehe They do get a little irritated when they cant vote as much as they want to, but overall im blessed to have such dedicated fans:)

Do fans recognize you in the street? Do they come up and say hi?
That really depends on where i am, If im out at a bar/club yes for sure. but not all the time, but im noticing i get noticed more than i did a few years ago when i first started.

Raven Riley Naked In Her Kitchen (click to view gallery)

Raven Riley Naked In Her Kitchen (click to view gallery)

What is your ethnicity? I’ve never been able to quite work that out…
It seems everyone gets confused with this one. Im half italian and half cherokee indian 😉

You have done lots of lesbian sets with other popular sologirls. Do you have a favorite?
I would have to say they are all sweet and great to work with but I would push more towards liz vicious. I think more so because we are like total opposites. We became closer after we shot together in my movie “succubus” We have a pretty kick ass sexy chemestry

Are there any pornstars (male or female) you would love to do a set with but haven’t yet?
Well yeah of course miss jenna jameson but since she is retired now I would have to say jesse jane

In 2007 you starred in an adult horror film, Succubus. Any plans for future films?
That is alittle secret, the question is would everyone like to see another kick ass film? :) [ed – I think we all would ;)]

Raven Riley and her molded pussy fleshlight (click for more details about it)

Raven Riley and her molded pussy fleshlight (click for more details about it)

You are one of only a select few girls who have had their pussy molded into an official Raven Riley Fleshlight. What was that like, getting your pussy moulded, then seeing a realistic “copy” of your pussy?
A little awkward, I was the first girl to get the molding, and lets just say when you have a room full of people staring at you with your legs spread open and a guy putting plaster like stuff on top of my pussy, wasn’t the best feeling at the time, lol but It was fun when he took it off after it dryed, it looked just like mine! which was pretty cool.

What’s a typical day like for you?
Okay so il admit, i love to sleep in. Ive never been a morning person but I wake up get online check my emails and then grab a bite to eat, get a shower and get all prettied up, chat with some friends, sometimes i have photo shoots and on the days i dont i like to just go to the pool and lay out or i go hang with friends or shop, and then before i go to bed i check my emails and thats about it. Oh and i usually fit some play time with me and some of my toys;)

Favorite sex position?
I have to go with doggy style;)

Who do you prefer in bed – guys or girls?
hmm that is a hard one but im going to go for the guy.

Favorite sex toy?
The rabbit dildo

And lastly tell us something embarrassing that has happened lately
I went bowling a few days ago and well i slipped and fell when i went up to bowl! that was an embarrasing moment since i had some fans that had came up to me before i slipped! haha everyone got a good laugh though.

Thanks Raven Riley for doing this interview for All Porn Models :)

To see more of Raven Riley, visit her official site or go to our Raven Riley page for her pics, videos and further information.

Also be sure to check out this Raven Riley gallery I just added to the site. She looks hot stripping out of her bikini

June 21st, 2009 Interview with Trisha Uptown

Trisha Uptown is a gorgeous blonde sologirl with her own site – TrishaUptown.com. She does regular video and photo updates, and 2 or more free webcam chats with her members! We recently did an interview with her, so check out her answers

Trisha Uptown

Trisha Uptown

Hi Trisha. Do you work in the adult biz / run your site full time, or do you do other (non adult entertainment related) work as well?

I am full time in adult. I run my site, feature dance, and still do some paid photo assignments from time to time. I can’t imagine having a non adult entertainment related job….how boring….lol!

You originally entered the adult entertainment industry in 1998. What was your first job in this industry?

I actually started in 1997 (edit: Oops! Bad research on our part!) and have been full time since. My first job in the industry was at a small strip club in Ohio. I tried to audition a couple of days before my 18th bday but of course the wouldnt let me. The day of my bday I walked and and stepped on stage. A few weeks later I did my first photo shoot.

As a kid, what did you want to be?

As a kid I wanted to be a doctor or an accountant.

Trisha Uptown

I would love to do more mainstream movies!! Being a part of that was amazing and a lot of fun.

At the moment all your videos & photos are either solo, or lesbian. Do you think you will go boy-girl?

Never say never but at this time, no…..it is something that I think about a lot.

What is the kinkiest thing you’ve ever done? And what is the kinkiest thing you would like to do (but not yet done it)?

One of the kinkiest things I have ever done was a BDSM shoot for my site with Alyssah Simone. I was riding her strap on while she electrocuted me. It was pretty hot!!!! One thing that I have not experienced yet is two men at once. I find it very intriguing!!!

You have your own line of sex toys – Trisha’s Titanium Line. I assume you have a fair few toys. How many do you think you own? And what one is your favorite?

I have three drawers full of sex toys. I couldn’t tell you how many but I can say that the bullets are my favorite. I keep on in my purse just in case 😉

trisha uptown picWhat is the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you while shooting porn?

One of my most embarrassing moments actually happened while I was performing at a club. I stepped on stage at a fully nude bar and forgot to cut my string…if you know what I mean.

And lastly, if you could shoot a scene with anyone (pornstar or celeb) – who would it be?

I would love to perform a scene with Jessica Drake. I think she is just hot as hell and carries herself very well.

Thanks Trisha!

To see more o Trisha visit her site TrishaUptown.com or go to our Trisha Uptown profile page for info, pics and more! Thinking of joining her site? Read our review and find out why we rated it 89%!

May 31st, 2009 Sexy Aaliyah Love gives us an interview!

Aaliyah Love

Aaliyah Love

We have had some problems here at allpornmodels with our blog, but finally(!) I can safely say now we have posted the Aaliyah Love interview here! Aaliyah Love started off as a webcam girl, but now has her own site AaliyahLove.com.

She is a dead gorgeous girl with a great personality. And she certainly isn’t shy in front of the camera. Here are a couple of her recent galleries (interview at bottom of this post) –

Aaliyah Love gallery 1 Aaliyah Love

The video is split into three parts, so enjoy! (Can’t see the vids? Click “Read more” to see full blog post)
Read the rest of this entry »

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