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June 2nd, 2009 Interview with Lukey



Lukey runs, stars in, promotes, and well, completely manages Lukey.com. It is a bit of a twist on the usual amateur POV site, in that he only goes with escorts and films his encounters. No known names here, real amateurs (if you can call escorts that). It is certainly an interesting idea, and nice to see a site completly managed by the star.

Yesterday we conduced an interview to give a little more insight into his site & experiences –

Why did you first decide to start your own site?

I was having an early mid-life crisis (kind of). I had been promoting adult web sites for about three or four years, which comprised of little old me and my computer. Don’t get me wrong, it was good fun, but I was one of a zillion other adult webmasters, plugging away night and day to only earn a few bucks.

lukey-cuteescortI had visited and filmed a few escorts in my personal life up to this point. Filming my bookings with escorts is something I have always done. I really enjoyed visiting an escort and having a video (a trophy if you will) that I could watch on rainy days.

A thought popped into my head (you can smell the sawdust burning). Why don’t I combine my love of escorts, with my adult webmastry and setup my own web site. It was nothing more complicated than that. Come to think of it! Why I hadn’t thought of the idea before is anyone’s guess.

To let you guys in on a little secret, I had actually built the majority of my website in early 2008. When push came to shove and it was time for me to start filming, I chickened out. I wasn’t a porn star (I’m still not) and I had never even set foot on anything that even vaguely resembled a porn shoot. So I put the idea on the back burner for twelve months and then in February of this year I thought, what the hell, get your arse in gear and get that camera rolling.

That was three months ago and I haven’t looked back since.

Do the escorts know the videos you shoot are going online? If so are they generally ok about it, or have you had any issues about posting it online?

Yes. Every escort I film with has given me their permission to publish my videos online. I would never deceive an escort or trick her into thinking that I was filming for personal my use.

When I first started I was actively searching for different escorts to work with every week. Now that I have a reputation among escorts, I benefit from escorts contacting me to ask I would like to film them.

I have never had any issues as such. I have only had one escort who requested that her video was available in the member’s area only. I am always perfectly happy to tweak and change bits at an escort’s request. If I was a hard-nosed bastard, my reputation would soon start to roll down hill and in this game, a good reputation is key.

You say on your site you’ve been going with escorts since you were 19. Had any embarrassing or bad experiences?

You could certainly say I’ve had some interesting experiences. Without naming names, I can easily recall of two pretty awful bookings. Make that three. Ninety nine percent of the time an escort is absolutely lovely jubbly, warm, kind and sexually skilled. On the odd occasion, when meeting an escort, it is a case of ‘uh oh!’ If my memory serves me correctly, one escort was considerably older than I had expected, another was much larger than I had expected and one, well, I’d rather not think of that one. Luckily these have been experiences in my personal life. I seem to have the luck of the draw when it comes to escorts nowadays.

Had any requests denied? Or any escorts had odd requests for you?

Not requests as such, rather ideas. I normally turn up to an escort booking with a few ideas and a rough plan of action. On occasion an escort has said ‘Actually, I’d prefer if we didn’t do that’. That’s never a problem for me. If an escort is comfortable, she’ll be more relaxed, more confident and produce a better performance on camera.

Strangely enough, I don’t think I’ve ever had any sexual requests from escorts. Lots of ‘Please film me’ but no direct sexual requests.

Ever gone with escorts other than British-based ones? How do they compare in your opinion?
That’s a very timely question. I filmed what I think was probably my best video ever last week, with a Portuguese escort. Her name is Karina. Wow! I can certainly say that Portugal has some stiff competition for British escorts. Karina was hard working, very sexually adventurous and genuinely a really nice person.
In broader terms, I’ve only worked with two foreign escorts and they were both equally as lovely as British escorts.

I suppose this is one of the few sites where members could go and hire the same girls they see you fuck in the videos. Do you know if this has happened yet?

Yeh, they certainly can. This has definitely happened. In fact, I quite frequently receive emails from member’s asking me to point them in the direction of a particular escort. This is also something all of the escorts I have met are very happy with. I’m already tossing around a few ideas about adding escort profiles to the member’s area.

Do you think you will ever break from filming only escorts and hire a “real” pornstar?

It’s something I had thought of, but that would be deserting my sites, almost street level quality. Nowadays I think people like to watch other ‘real’ people having sex. That is one of the main attractions toward filming escorts. They are not professional models; they are just normal girls, often looking for a good time and to prop up their bank account along the way.

Thanks Lukey!

Check out his site, or a couple of free videos.

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