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August 18th, 2009 Interview with Christy’s Panties

I found @christyspanties on twitter a little while ago, when she was running her panties for charity auction. Seeing as this blog is about porn, and selling panties is somewhat related, I thought I’d give her an interview to get an insight into the world of panty selling and her own experiences. So enjoy!

Christys Panties

Hi Christy. You are behind Christys Panties. Tell us about it.
Hi Ash, yes I’m responsible for the www.christyspanties.sensualwriter.com website. I started the site not quite a year ago as a way of showcasing my used panty hobby. It was originally only going to be a kind of online store, where clients and prospective customers could see the panties I had available for sale, and read up all the information about myself, and the specialised used panty services I offer.

But since then I’ve seen the site transform into a bit of a hybrid with sexy blog posts and occasional fantasy stories. I also like to talk about my sexy friends in the panty selling industry. I don’t see it as a competitive environment at all, and I have made some wonderful and lifelong friends among the ranks of the ladies who sell their used knickers.

Lately I’ve been spending a lot of time and space on my site promoting the wonderful work that The National Breast Cancer Foundation does to help raise awareness, and provide funding for prevention and research programs into a cure for breast cancer. This is a hideous disease that will at some point in time affect almost every one of us. And through a very personal experience with my best friend having breast cancer, I decided to help raise funds through a used panty auction and raffle featuring some amazing ladies from the world of porn, sologirl sites, camsites and used panty sellers. I’m very proud to say that we raised $2,700 through used panties! That’s awesome!

Christys Panties

I imagine some customers have some somewhat specific requests. Had any weird or odd ones?
Well yes, what you find is that one person’s sexual fantasy will be different from the next man, and so even though I am involved in a used panty fetish, there are many variations. Lots of guys enjoy the scent and flavour of a woman, either just from everyday, um, secretions, or through the more involved and frankly more enjoyable, masturbation and orgasm. But lots of guys also love sweaty panties, and golden showers are also a very popular request. Panty stuffing is probably my favourite “extra” and that involves me wearing my panties, and then after taking them off, inserting them all the way inside my pussy. Some guys like me to wear them inside for a few hours, and I love the feeling of being full up inside. I’ve had lots of other requests too but probably the most unusual one, not exactly panty related, has been to insert my toothbrush inside my pussy and send it to the buyer covered in my pussy juices. It was actually a lot of fun and felt great on my g-spot LOL.

Judging from the photos on your site you could make a nice little sologirl site. Ever thought of going down the porn route?
Thanks! Well yes I have though about it, and have been asked more than once. Some of the contacts I’ve made in the porn industry following my charity panty auction have suggested it too, which is amazingly flattering. But my involvement in the panty fetish is really only as a hobby. I do it because I love it, and it really turns me on. Few years ago I started down the path of a professional modelling career, but as it turned out I was far more comfortable behind the camera lens than in front of it, so the photography side of things for me is a sideline, not the main game, which is all about the panties. I also have a professional mainstream career, and I carefully guard my identity (Christy isn’t my real name) and privacy. That’s why I never show my face, as I can’t afford to be identified doing this. It’s my sordid little double life, which enhances the sexual appeal for me.

Christys Panties

Does wearing panties all day (when you know you are doing it for a customer) turn you on?
Oh yes, that’s why I do this! I really get turned on when I’m wearing my panties for a customer. I really get off on the fact that some stranger is going to be aroused and coming just from sniffing my pussy juices and tasting them in my used panties. It makes me so wet LOL. And I’m somewhat of a serial masturbator so it gives me a semi-legitimate excuse to get myself off two or three times a day. I masturbate a lot, and there’s nothing better than having a shuddering, juicy orgasm in a pair of sweet panties that I know will inspire loads of hardons and sticky semen.

Do you friends & family know what you do? What do they make of it all?
As I mentioned above I like the secret double-life that I lead, and through my used panty selling I’m able to explore a lot of the sexual fantasies I have, and push the boundaries a lot further that I’d ever dare to do in my real life. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a prude. I’m far from it. It’s just that I tend to be a little shy. So I have tended to keep this side of my life largely to myself. Some of my very close friends know, and have indeed helped me with my photography and sometimes even in preparing a pair of undies for a client. My ex boyfriend knows and he still helps make the occasional pair of cream pie panties for select clients LOL. The only family that knows is my sister, who is pretty cool with it all, though she has no ambitions to join in my panty selling, even if she’s an absolute hottie and would be a mega-star in the industry haha.

Christys Panties

And finally, you must have a large panty collection. What’s your favourite?
My favourite type of panties changes all the time. Style-wise love thongs and g-strings because they feel really comfy and tend to make my butt look better than it really is. I also love very plain, and everyday cotton panties. Anything really from the Aussie brands Bonds and Antz Pantz. Some people might think that this is boring and dull, but I find that there’s far more intimacy in these types of panties, as they are more personal and the type of thing a girl will wear everyday. It’s the sort of difference between seeing a girl in her bikini at the beach, and seeing her wearing cotton her bra and panties after she’s gotten changed. They’re both hot, but there are subtle voyeuristic differences. But that said my favourite pair right now is a very sexy black lacy French knicker g-string with pink ribbon detailing. I feel so slutty when I’m wearing it, and I love the secret knowledge of what I’m wearing especially if it’s under a suit in my regular day job. If only they knew what was going on in my sexy knickers.

Thanks Christy!

Head over to Christys Panties for used panties and find out more about her and her services!

Oh, and be sure to check her out on twitter – @christyspanties (don’t forget @allpornmodels too!)

Christys Panties

Christys Panties

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